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Verizon Flips the Switch for World’s First 5G Customer in Houston

Verizon announced they’ve begun providing the world’s first commercial 5G network starting October 1 in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Sacramento, with a Houston resident earning the distinction of being the world’s first 5G customer.

Verizon’s 5G Home is based on their open 5G TF network standard and the locations for this initial rollout were chosen because of friendly policies that allowed for the implementation of the necessary technology.

“We’ve formed incredible partnerships with many of the world’s leading technology companies,” Verizon Wireless President Ronan Dunne said in a release. “It’s been an incredible journey and we’re just at the starting line.”

Verizon has dubbed these earliest recipients of 5G service “First on 5G” Members and they receive perks like free introductory service, free equipment installation, and first access to other new services. Verizon’s commitment to reach consumers ahead of the rest of the market reflects the significance 5G will play, not only for the rollout of larger applications and industrial or commercial purposes, but for the way individuals access and experience the network in their home.

Verizon plans to rollout their 5G service to more cities as equipment becomes available and locations are identified where it will be most feasible.

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