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Since 1998, ACD Telecom has worked with clients to develop strategies and solutions that meet and exceed client’s needs. ACD Telecom has a team with years of proven expertise implementing technologies for the future of public safety radio. With its established industry network and multilingual capabilities, ACD Telecom possesses unique abilities to meet the needs of its clients including:

Project Management and System Integration

Project management involves overseeing the integration of systems and technologies for seamless communication in public safety. It includes planning, implementation, and monitoring of projects to meet agency requirements.

Complete Assessment of Needs and Conceptual System Design

Assessing needs and designing systems based on requirements is vital in public safety. Gathering stakeholder input helps create a conceptual system design that addresses communication needs effectively.

RFP Development

Based on the data from the needs assessment, we develop RFPs which ensure that our client's needs will be met by the vendor.

Technology Trends & Review of Alternatives

Staying updated with technology trends and evaluating alternative solutions is crucial in public safety communication projects. This ensures optimal selection and implementation of cost-effective, reliable, and interoperable technologies.

Public Safety 911 Centers

Public safety 911 centers are vital communication hubs for emergency response. These centers receive and coordinate emergency calls, dispatch resources, and maintain communication with first responders in the field.

Interoperability Strategies & Planning

Interoperability planning ensures seamless communication among different agencies and systems during emergencies. Strategies focus on establishing compatibility and connectivity to facilitate information exchange.

System Wide Coverage Testing

Testing system coverage ensures reliable communication throughout the designated service area. Comprehensive tests verify the reach and effectiveness of communication networks.

Functional System Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing ensures that the communication system functions properly. It involves validating features, functionalities, and performance before deployment.

System Transitional Planning

Transitional planning facilitates the smooth transition from old to new communication systems. It includes phased implementation, training, and support to minimize disruptions.

Public Safety Communications Standards Services

Compliance with communication standards ensures interoperability and reliability. Public safety agencies rely on standard services to ensure seamless communication in emergencies.

System Design, Deployment, and Coverage Analysis and Testing for LTE

Designing, deploying, and testing LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks is essential in public safety communications. This involves analyzing coverage requirements and conducting tests to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

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