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APCO Project 25 ("P25")

P25 Digital Systems

ACD Telecom remains well-versed and involved in the application of this technology to the various needs of public safety agencies at all levels of government. In particular, Mr. Shahnami is a long time member of P25/TIA committees and has been involved since its inception in 1990. He served as the lead APCO headquarters representative for P25 and as a member of the TIA TR8 radio standards group leading to TSB-88 development. This experience includes a seat for Mr. Shahnami as co-chair for the Lockdown Committee, which included the development of standards to establish interoperability between manufacturers and the P25 platform level.

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ACD Telecom personnel have extensive knowledge and experience with the document(s) and other requirements of the P25 standard, which is also an initiative to establish interoperability between different platforms and communications systems independent of manufacturer.

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