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NG911 & FirstNet Guide for State and Local Authorities

NG911 and FirstNet Guide for 911 Officials

As your state’s elected and appointed officials consider how to work with FirstNet, it’s an important time to talk about how the PSBN and 911, specifically NG911, can work together for the optimal emergency communication ecosystem.

Together, the National 911 Program and the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA) worked with public safety leaders in Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement to create a non-technical resource for state and local leaders and their staffs. This graphical publication highlights the important benefits of these two systems working together.

We hope that you share this with any colleagues that would benefit from more information about the similarities and differences between FirstNet and NG911. If your state has a designated 911 administrator, we hope you will consider reaching out to them to talk about the role that 911 will have in the state’s FirstNet planning process.

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