Chester County, Pennsylvania

ACD has been Chester County’s consultant, technology and regulatory advisor. ACD has analyzed, studied and performed frequency coordination on their 6 GHz Microwave system. We have completed and filed major Waivers for their 800 MHz system with FCC, performed frequency coordination, propagation and interference studies, completed and submitted Waiver of construction and notification FCC rules, represented them before FCC, assisted the County with their regional interoperability planning.

State of Vermont

ACD was hired as their consultant to develop a state-wide Interoperability plan, find suitable VHF / UHF channels for statewide use as part for their “Lifeline” system, perform frequency coordination, and work with FCC and IC (Industry Canada) to obtain necessary licenses. This system, utilized by all State agencies, is available for interoperability purpose for all local and federal agencies as well. As part of our efforts, we have performed coverage and interference contours for all proposed sites, intermodulation (if necessary). We have also completed and filed major / minor Waivers of FCC rules and regulations.

Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), Florida

ACD worked with CCSO on their 800 MHz system. As their consultant, we assisted and advised CCSO on digital wireless technology and standards such as Project 25 and TETRA, FCC and NTIA related policies, rules and regulations, frequency coordination, and licensing. As CCSO’s Consultant and Project Manager, ACD worked with TA, SN and EFJ on their Re-banding project, phase one (1). In this phase, ACD: A. Participated in planning and determining the most efficient way of engineering and migrating the current frequencies to the new frequencies as identified in the Re-banding Order. B. Assisted in determining the time frame(s) necessary for the retuning and/or replacement of equipment, including maintaining interoperability with other jurisdictions which have reciprocal arrangements with CCSO. C. Performed an engineering study to identify co-channel and adjacent channel users, assess current interference problems, verify baseline system performance relating to frequency assignments and ascertain compatible system upon relocation to new spectrum. D. Provided negotiation support between CCSO and TA, CCSO and SN, and between CCSO and EFJ. E. Reviewed documentation and recommendations provided by the Manufacturer describing replacement/alternate equipment they plan to provide to comply with the Re-banding Order to insure that CCSO has the equivalent communications system after the migration that is in place prior to the move.

ACD Telecom was again selected by Clay County to provide P25 Console and LMR System Implementation Project Management and Engineering Services.

City of Evansville

As the City of Evansville-Vanderburgh County, Indiana’s consultant ACD was hired to perform an engineering needs assessment for their 800 MHz Trunking system in a multiphase project. ACD has completed phase 1 of the project, which was to develop propagation maps and perform on street mobile coverage of their present system throughout the County. The report has been submitted to the agency with options and associated costs. The next three phases are; formulate a Request For Proposal (RFP) for a new P25 Trunking system in the 800 MHz band; Review and help select a vendor for the new system; Act as the agency’s Project Manager for delivery, installation and testing of the new system.

U.S. Air Force

The David Grant Medical Center (DGMC) Travis AFB, California is the largest Military Treatment Facility (MTF) on the West coast and the second largest inpatient MTF in the United States Air Force. DGMC encompasses over 808,475 net square feet with 3,662 rooms, 350 inpatient beds, 41 aero medical staging beds and 52 dental treatment rooms. The building itself is an eight story building with a basement. There are four occupied floors with interstitial between each of the floors thus making the eight stories. The interstitials house all the HVAC equipment along with all the cable trays and electrical equipment. Immediately adjacent to the MTF is the one story Dental building which is also a concern of DGMC. DGMC Information Technology staff recognized a concern with unreliable portable wireless communication and had contracted with ACD Telecom to perform analysis of the coverage of VHF 149 MHz Code Blue Paging, UHF 406-420 MHz trunking system, the, 4 major cellular systems; AT&T Wireless, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint Nextel, and the 929 MHZ USA Mobility paging system. Testing was performed of the systems for each of the occupied floors and the adjacent Dental building. In the case of the currently installed distributed antenna system. The amplified channels were tested with the amplifier system under conditions of both ON and then OFF to compare the improvement afforded by the amplifiers and antenna system. Upon completion of testing, ACD Telecom converted the collected data to both tabular (Microsoft Excel) and graphic AutoCAD format for review by the client. Additionally, a summary report was drafted using graphic views of coverage performance for each of the channels on each floor. For more information on the work performed by ACD Telecom for Travis AFB, please contact us.

Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

ACD provided Consulting Services and Project Management to Tren Urbano in support of their Rebanding efforts. We have developed their RFPF (Request For Planning Funding), negotiated with TA and SN in order to execute the PFA. Upon execution of the PFA, ACD began inventory of Tren Urbano’s subscriber units, working with their manufacturer (Motorola) on infrastructure inventory, suitability and Interoperability planning. As Tren Urbano ’s’ consultant and PM, we negotiated with Motorola, SN and TA to develop and execute an FRA.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

ACD Telecom was selected to do research, analysis, and documentation that illustrates the timeline and chain of events and FCC regulatory changes that has affected the original PTC VHF licenses primary license holder status. This included to formulate a major waiver of FCC Part 90.20 rules. ACD Telecom services to analyze potential co-channel and adjacent channel interference between PTC and Cecil County, MD. If destructive interference were found, then formulate an amicable solution, including consulting with the frequency coordinator and FCC Gettysburg office engineers, and mediate CRR 1102 resolution between PTC and Cecil County. Another PTC project includes Perform Engineering Needs Assessment to migrate Consoles and LMR to P25; Radio Facility & Communications Center Site Surveys and Inventory; Interoperability Assessment; Spectrum Analysis and FCC Licensing Processing; Technical Assessment of FCC Licenses; Solution Development Technical Options; Conceptual Design Alternatives; Life-cycle Planning; Funding Strategy Development; RFP Development; selection of a vendor; assist PTC in negotiation; Project Management for delivery, installation, and implementation of the new P25 system.

State of South Dakota

ACD is currently developing South Dakota’s spectrum portion system of region 38. ACD has also worked on South Dakota’s behalf, becoming familiar with the state and Congressional leadership and their goals, and becoming familiar with the technical and logistical issues germane to South Dakota. On October 23rd of 2002, South Dakota successfully launched their system with all licensing established.

State of Montana

ACD was hired to complete the spectrum portion of the State of Montana’s statewide system, which is comprised of channels located in the VHF band. The Interoperability Montana project has involved the acquisition of 3 to 5 channels per site, at locations across the state. The first portion of the project (Northern Tier Project) involved the acquisition of VHF channels at locations along the northern Montana border, which required extensive negotiations with Industry Canada to acquire. After the successful completion of the Northern Tier Project, ACD was hired again by the state to acquire additional spectrum at over 20 locations across the state. Montana has retained ACD’s project management and consulting services for the second phase, which will be for complete replacement / returning the system, coverage testing, functional testing of the equipment and negotiation with both the vendor and SN.

State of Oklahoma

DPS hired ACD as their Re-banding Consulting and Project Manager for phase one (1). These consulting services, provided in conjunction with involvement of the DPS and the manufacturer (Motorola) will be same as previously delineated and discussed under other public safety agencies.

Oregon State Police

ACD was hired as State Police’s regulatory and licensing consultant. We successfully completed and electronically filed forms 601, waiver requests along with their engineering related studies, with FCC to obtain VHF channels for their statewide High Band system as part of their interoperability planning.

Edmond, Oklahoma

City of Edmond, Oklahoma selected ACD Telecom to provide regulatory work, spectrum management, licensing, engineering and project management work to migrate its citywide 800 MHz Trunked system P25 Phase I technology, which is also integrated with the State of Oklahoma Statewide 800 MHz system. Motorola was selected and installed.

Allegan County, Michigan

ACD Telecom was selected by Allegan County, MI for Central Dispatch Radio System Replacement Engineering, Project Management, and Consulting Services.



Howard County Maryland


South Eastern Regional Task Force Pennsylvania