Pioneering the Next Generation of First Responder Telecommunications

ACD Telecom is a nationally recognized telecommunications firm specializing in public safety communications. It is ACD’s mission to prepare public safety personnel for the next generation of communications providing project management, needs assessment, regulatory assistance and spectrum management, broadband and indoor/outdoor coverage testing.


ACD Telecom is an expert at understanding the science and management of the radio spectrum and the intricate laws and regulations that govern it. ACD Telecom specializes in working with the FCC, FAA, and all regulatory agencies to seamlessly meet clients’ needs and expectations.


Since 1998, ACD Telecom has worked with state, county, and city agencies to develop strategies and solutions that meet and exceed the agencies’ needs. ACD Telecom has a team with years of proven expertise implementing technologies for the future of public safety radio.


Our team of highly qualified public safety consultants can provide services from assessment of system needs to turnkey implementation and maintenance. ACD consulting services will determine feasibility and performance of proposed systems, as well as working with clients to evaluate current system performance, strategizing every option available.


FirstNet is establishing a nationwide, interoperable public safety broadband network dedicated for first responders. ACD Telecom has the expertise to assist agencies with the process of FirstNet Readiness through Implementation.


As part of our system evaluation and site surveys, ACD Telecom will note which buildings have coverage problems and recommend to add Distributed Antenna Systems to the new system design.


ACD Telecom has performed both indoor and outdoor coverage testing for talk-out and talk-back for many of its clients such as, but not limited to; Travis Air force Base in CA, US DOI in NV, Chester County, PA; Howard County, MD; State of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.


ACD Telecom remains well-versed and involved in the application of this technology to the various needs of public safety agencies at all levels of government. In particular, Mr. Shahnami is a long time member of P25/TIA committees and has been involved since its inception in 1990.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us:

“The services ACD has provided Will County include the management of our rebanding project, consulting, microwave hop analysis, RFP development, Grants assistance, licensing support to provide Will County with a 4.9 GHz public safety grade microwave system, and the expansion of Will County’s 800 MHz simulcast Trunking system.”

Ed Bean
Radio Services Manager
Will County, Illinois