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FEMA announced $324 million for AFG grant. For more details on the funding opportunity please contact ACD Telecom at ali.shahnami@acdtelecom.com.                                                                        […]

FCC Report and Order – Location-Based Routing for Wireless 911 Calls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a Report and Order which requires Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers to implement location-based routing (LBR) for wireless 911 voice calls and real-time text (RTT) communications to 911 nationwide. With LBR as implemented under these rules, CMRS providers will use precise location information to route wireless 911 […]

White House Spectrum Strategy

The Biden administration yesterday released its National Spectrum Strategy document, which outlined both the bands as well as plans to “modernize spectrum policy and make the most efficient use possible of this vital national resource” and “expand access to advanced wireless broadband networks and technologies, whether terrestrial-, airspace-, satellite- or space-based, for all Americans.” White […]

New FCC Ruling: Update for Operators of 6 GHz Microwave Systems

In October 2023, the FCC authorized a new class of “Very Low Power” (VLP) devices, creating an additional risk for public safety microwave. Whereas the previously-authorized devices are for fixed use (ex: campus Wi-Fi), VLP devices are expected to be mobile – smartphones, glasses, watches, earphones, vehicle dashboards, etc. For more detail click here: DOC-397829A1