“In order to accomplish what the State of South Dakota did in 5 months, ACD proved to be an invaluable partner in meeting our goals. Mr. Shahnami, who is one of the pioneers in APCO Project 25 (“P25″), not only was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to us as we were pursuing P25 technology for our statewide VHF High Band Trunking system, but also with the policies, regulations, and personnel of the Federal Communications Commission. This in-depth knowledge of technology, regulations and personnel allowed us to circumvent most of the delays normally encountered… ”

” …ACD Telecom has not been just a consultant in our successful implementation in South Dakota, but has been a long-term trusted partner and continues to help us in various capacitates. “

Jeff Pierce – Director of Engineering – State of South Dakota

“ACD Telecom has performed all of its contracted services in a professional and timely manner. Their speed and quality of service is exemplary and they are a credit to the Public Safety Communications Community.”

Mike Harrod – Communications Coordinator – Howard County, MD

“Like many agencies across the nation, rebanding has been a lengthy and arduous process for Spartanburg County. I can however say, without a doubt, that the County’s consultant, ACD Telecom has streamlined the process to the highest degree possible…

ACD is at the forefront of our industry and Spartanburg County feels fortunate to be retaining their services…”

Freddie Thompson – Assistant Director of Communications/System Manager – Spartanburg County, South Carolina

“The services ACD has provided Will County include the management of our rebanding project, engineering, microwave hop analysis, RFP development, Grants assistance, licensing support to provide Will County with a 4.9 GHz public safety grade microwave system, and the expansion of Will County’s 800 MHz simulcast Trunking system.”

Ed Bean – Radio Services Manager – Will County, Illinois