“I would like to further emphasize ACD Telecom’s commitment to Central Dispatch’s interest by maintaining strong vendor neutrality. Over the past year I have worked with ACD Telecom, they have demonstrated not only expertise, but a sincere commitment to promoting and serving our best interest while representing Central Dispatch in various settings. It is with great confidence I recommend ACD Telecom LLC. to uphold ethical standards, and a neutral approach while communicating with various agencies and vendors.”

Rodney Buchanan, Director of Evansville – Vanderburgh Central Dispatch, Indiana

“The entire staff are honest, professional, and have the best interests of the County in their minds. Moreover, they are a top notch engineering consultant firm, and very cost conscious. They have also maintained a strong obligation to Clay County’s interest by instituting a persuasive and convincing vendor neutral philosophy.”

Andy Eakin- Manager of Radio Unit- Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

“Over the past 5 years, ACD Telecom has shown not only the highest level of engineering ability, but a sincere commitment to serve our best interests while representing Chester County in various settings. Because of the excellent work ACD has performed, we continue to utilize their services on major projects and to troubleshoot issues beyond my staff’s level of expertise.”

John Haynes, Director of Department of Emergency Communications- Chester County, PA

“In order to accomplish what the State of South Dakota did in 5 months, ACD proved to be an invaluable partner in meeting our goals. Mr. Shahnami, who is one of the pioneers in APCO Project 25 (“P25″), not only was extremely knowledgeable and helpful to us as we were pursuing P25 technology for our statewide VHF High Band Trunking system, but also with the policies, regulations, and personnel of the Federal Communications Commission. This in-depth knowledge of technology, regulations and personnel allowed us to circumvent most of the delays normally encountered… ”

” …ACD Telecom has not been just a consultant in our successful implementation in South Dakota, but has been a long-term trusted partner and continues to help us in various capacitates. “

Jeff Pierce – Director of Engineering – State of South Dakota